Why attend?
You leave with FINISHED projects.

When you realize how much custom, professional content you are actually expected to deliver as a small business owner or an entrepreneur just to create trust with your target market, it can be overwhelming. Traditionally, it has taken massive amounts of time, effort, and money away from professionals trying to brand themselves and their businesses. Skip the frustration and do it all in one weekend with a team that knows how to get it done.

The Brandathon Experience
Three days of extraordinary insights, action, and PROGRESS within a very unconventional event.

From interactive roundtables, one-on-one sessions to speed-round feedback & peer presentations. Around every corner, there will be some exciting revelation or insight add to your FINISHED projects going home with you.

The Brandathon Team
The BEST kind of Micromanagement.

As a professional, it’s your job to know everything about your profession and the modern technical learning curves is annoying. Let our experts micromanage the process with you for the entire three days. From dissecting the anatomy of a perfect digital identity to coaching you REAL-time as you build a knock-your-socks-off marketing campaign, our top-shelf experts and mentorship will provide a unique viewpoint into how you can better connect with your potential and existing clients.

About Brandathon Weekends
Every day, everywhere, small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with the demands of digital identity, creating relevant content to post on social media and the challenges due to the ever-changing world of technology—all while they serve their clients, manage employees and take care of their families. By harnessing the expertise of YOU and our team’s skill set, we can help accomplish a lot in a little amount of time.

Do you have a guarantee?
Yes! If you complete the online prep, are present for the entire event, follow the agenda, complete the sessions and are still not 100% satisfied we will refund your registration minus 20 % administrative costs.

Do I need a certain skill set to attend?
Our team has the required skill set. We will guide you through the process and support you to produce the best results possible. With that in mind, we remind you that our specific role in the process is a technician. It is your content that will shine through in this branding experience. The combination of your specific expertise in your own content and our specific skill sets is when the magic happens. This is one of the main reasons to attend Brandathon Weekends.

What if I do not like my media?
This is a live, interactive event. Your videography and photography sessions are interactive which means you will receive feedback on the videos and photos from the photographers & videographers. You will choose your fave photos during the photo shoot and be involved in the video selection. You will be immersed in the creative process without having to deal with the technical side of the process.

How will I possibly have enough to say to produce videos?!
We totally get it! Our pre-event experience gives you the opportunity to prepare for Brandathon Weekends using our guides. 


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