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Images for Speakers

Your Personal Brand is equally as important as your message. Help conference program directors find and understand you through a honed and polished brand so they book YOU to come speak at their event.


Make An Impact

Align the vision of your brand for maximum impact. Create presentation decks that are full of custom images specifically geared for your lecture or workshop. Unique branded images help keep an audience engaged! 

Video Campaigns

Utilize the third day of Brandathon Weekends to shoot a series of 26 short videos for you to use throughout the year. Use our guides to create a campaign strategy for the next 12 months, and automate your message for the year. 

Visual Branding for Public Speakers

Hear from TEDX Speaker Coach, Erin Loman Jeck, about why she feels Brandathon Weekends is so important for Public Speakers.


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Set the Stage

Before you set foot on stage or into a podcast studio, your online presence has been researched and analyzed. The look and feel of your photos matter to attendees and event managers alike. Consistency of visual branding and images across your platforms gives you an advantage.

Inspire Your Audience

Nothing falls flat quite like boring stock photos in a slide deck. Make the most of your speech with branded and polished presentations. We train you how to make the most of online design software and give you more than enough images to create beautiful compelling content.

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