Not Your Typical Sponsorship Opportunity

Brandathon Weekends is the ultimate visual branding experience for both sponsors and participants! We are redefining the way sponsors get engagement & exposure during our events. A WIN-WIN Opportunity full of unexpected PERKS!

High engagement is seriously an understatement!

Brandathon Weekends is a two-way experience for both our sponsors and our participants. Not only do our sponsors get a chance to style production sets-- and our participants, during Brandathon Weekends, they will receive massive amounts of exposure each time a participant post the images produced during our events.

Get maximum ROI with your sponsorship dollars--and then add on the PERKS!

Using instructions we gather from the sponsors before the event, participants will post according to their requests such as tagging and using your company's desired hashtags.

Brandathon Weekends Global Sponsors

Wouldn't Your Company Look Amazing Next to Brandathon Weekend's Lineup of Sponsors?!

Types of Sponsorships Available

Not only do we offer exposure of your brand through Brandathon Weekends, sponsors play a major part in transforming our participants into stunning brands which is so rewarding in itself.

In-Kind Sponsors

Be actively involved in something special with Brandathon Weekends! In-kind sponsors leave with a ton of behind-the-scenes images & video for their own use!

Styled Production Sets

From production equipment, styling decor and sponsored signage, there is no shortage of opportunities to get exposure from a Brandathon Weekends Sponsorship. 

Food & Beverage

Food is a critical piece of Brandathon Weekends---and in addition to lots of exposure, we LOVE food photography so you will leave with a ton of images produced during the event.

Styling Production Sets

12+ Sponsorship Opportunities Available Per Event

What better way to showcase your company than customizing the ultimate branding environment for your target market to experience?

  • Trendy furniture such as desks, chairs and tables.
  • Offices supplies such as calendars, journals and stylish pens.
  • Accessories such as wallpaper backdrops, frames and rugs.
  • Living walls featuring plants and/or flower walls.


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Product Placement Sponsorships

What better way to get exposure (and digital content) than professional photography of your target market using your company's products?

  • Magazines & Books
  • Wardrobe Displays 
  • Clothing, Jewelry, Hats, Shoes
  • Beauty Items such as hair, cosmetics and perfume.


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Props and Signs Sponsorship

Signs are definitely trending when it comes to taking a stand in modern branding campaigns. “Times Up” and “Good Vibes Only” come to mind instantly.

An ideal opportunity for social media platforms, productivity apps, banking & merchant processing brands to be involved by aligning their brand's messages with that of our participants.

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Mobile & Digital Sponsorships

Sponsor the mobile and digital props that participants get photographed with during the event and be the center of attention in each participant's branding shoot.

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In-Kind Sponsorships

As a way of showing our love and appreciation to the hands-on sponsors that make the Brandathon Weekend's live experience exceptional, we provide many behind-the-scenes images and video opportunities for our in-kind sponsors.

Photography, Videography and Graphic Designers

Not only will you put your skills in front of multiple brands for the weekend, YOU will be the superstars of the show! Creativity is encouraged as you push your portfolio to the limit with an abundance of cool images of emerging brands!



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Food & Beverage Sponsorships

A perfect opportunity for catering & dessert companies. Craft beer and wineries are also a great fit for Brandathon Weekends.

  • Breakfast Sponsorship: A continental style meal focused on healthy food options with great presentation value.
  • Lunch sponsorship: Food to fuel hard-working professionals. Food must be conveniently arranged for quick retrieval. Think healthy "Lunch Box" choices.
  • Snack sponsorships: Healthy snacks that will add that extra pep in our participant's step!
  • The Branding Bash sponsorships: We mix and match diverse sponsors for a variety of insta-worthy appetizers, themed spirits and beautiful desserts ~ It's time to celebrate!
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Hair & Makeup Professionals

Prep our participants for a day in front of the camera! Hair and makeup teams pull together the ideal look that the participants are searching for in their branded images.

****Perfect for cosmetology students or for those companies that keep their employee's skills up through continuing ed via hands-on experience in the field.

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Styling Participants

Our vision is to offer a variety of trending brands for our attendees to choose from in order to pull together a polished look for their Brandathon Weekends photoshoots. 

  • Clothing & shoes from emerging brands.
  • Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry products.
  • Accessories such as scarves, hats and hair ornaments.
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Equipment Sponsorships

Sponsoring equipment for use during a Brandathon Weekends would be perfect for camera, audio & video supply stores. Event space & tradeshow display companies will also find an ideal environment to display their product and interact with their target market.

  • Photography equipment including (but not limited) to cameras, lens, seamless paper, backdrop framing
  • Lighting: LED lighting to brighten up our indoor sets, reflectors, soft boxes, etc.
  • Audio: Wireless microphones, boom poles, speakers, etc
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